About Irks homemade


2016 I went to Sweden to study herbs and medicinal plants and learned more about making my own products out of natural components. Since then (and even before that)  I read and learn more about herbs and natural skinproducts every day. I started making my own products and since my friends and family seemed to like them I started selling them at diffrent fairs and you can also order them, just contact me. 

My products are made from 100 % natural and organic oils, essential oils, herbs and plants. 

About Irene "Irk" Zarberg

I'm 29 years old mama, that cares for a holistic healthy lifestyle.

I live in Pedersöre, Finland and travel around Ostrobothnia to show the people a healthier lifestyle with natural skin products. 
Since I became a mother I've become even more careful in what kind of chemicals we got at home, including beauty products, plastic, and cleaning supplies.

I'm also a crystal healer.

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Peace and love - Irk